Maybe you’ve wanted to start a side gig to supplement your miniscule teacher income. If you’ve wanted to create an online business, this is a detailed workbook that breaks down the whole process. Deciding on your business, researching your competition, creating an offer, evaluating the market, and much, much more.


I have 4 years of experience building online businesses, including, and Audience Driven Course Design. I’ve made thousands of dollars in additional income each year working on my own time to build credibility and influence. I want to help other teachers like myself be successful helping and serving others.

The vast amount of students who require remedial English classes in college is devastating, and I am determined to do something about it. I don’t know if it is us teachers or if it is the students but it really doesn’t matter. Something is missing! The students are not gaining the skills they need to succeed in college and something must change.

That’s why I wrote this book.

I have learned to break down the writing process in such small and detailed steps that I wanted to share it with you.

The students learn to use sentence templates and graphic organizers to create well developed thesis statements and organized academic level essays. Each step is focused and can be made into a lesson all on it’s own. This ebook is versatile for any secondary grade, homeschool, ESL, ELD, or high functioning students.

In this world, it is extremely important to be critical thinkers while reading news and other information online. There are many information sources that share information but have a political bias using exaggeration, skewed resources, and only sharing one side of the story. It can be difficult, but necessary, to identify the differences between fact and opinion.

This e-book will take you or your students step-by-step through analyzing a nonfiction article. The first part will explain in detail how to answer the questions. The second part has a printable to practice critical analysis.

This can be used in high school, beginning college-level English, ESL, ELD or home school. This could be used as a class resource or individual resource to prepare for a rhetorical analysis paper, rhetorical precis, or critical analysis paper. This could also be used to guide discussion.

***Includes instructions and descriptions for each question and a 7 page worksheet packet for the students to fill in that is versatile to use with many texts and topics.