Mastering TpT: Strategies to Become a Successful Seller on Teachers Pay Teachers

Discover effective strategies and SEO practices to become a successful seller on Teachers Pay Teachers. Learn how to optimize your product listings, engage with the community, and utilize social media to maximize your visibility and sales potential on the platform.

Enhancing High School English Education: The Benefits of Teaching Rhetorical Strategies

In the realm of high school English education, the incorporation of rhetorical strategies into the curriculum offers numerous benefits that extend beyond the classroom. These strategies, which encompass a range of techniques used by writers and speakers to effectively convey messages and persuade audiences, play a pivotal role in developing students’ critical thinking, communication skills,…

3 Rules to Follow While Writing and Editing Your Paper

3 Rules to Follow While Writing and Editing Your Paper

There are no good writers, only good editors!! Write with your voice One piece of advice that I hear many, many English teachers tell students that I completely disagree with is, “Don’t write like you talk!”  WHAT?!?! What are you talking about?  How can you not write like you talk?  If you can’t write how…